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I work with people both on an individual level as well as in groups depending on their needs. Both approaches have their advantages: individual sessions allow a fully personalized experience where you can go deeper into your needs, dreams and desires. On the other hand, in group sessions and workshops you can benefit from the interesting array of people that come together and create strong connections between each other.

1 on 1

Group Workshops

1. Individual sessions


Conversations solely around YOU. We travel inside a world where you are the point of focus. We will discuss your needs, what you are looking for, where you want to go next and the upcoming steps needed to get you to that point. You are the owner of the space, your know your answers. I simply provide the questions, the tools and guarantee the process.  This is your own, special and personal space of learning.


While you are in a coaching process yourself, you start to be aware of the coaching competencies that will enhance you to be a better manager, a better person and be ready to tackle conversations with yourself and others in another way. 


2. Group workshops

If you want to work with a group of people, instead the 1 to 1, this could be for you.

I offer Workshop of max 10 persons on the following subjects

  • Personal Development and Communication

  • Reinventing yourselfWhat is next

  • Coaching competencies

3. Teams Workshops

Teams are essential to develop members, to grow leadership and to deliver high standards. 

Teams not connected they will be probably working under their capacity and with a lot of suffering.

I propose Team Workshops to explore  Ways of Working, Team Dynamics, and clarify expectations with a Systemic view.

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