I design workshops that will allow you to find ways of learning new tools in order to apply to your own personal development. You will be sharing time and learning experiences with people from contrasting backgrounds and different ways of being. This will serve as a space of very deep learning where thoughts and discoveries will be interchanged through experience-based exercises.

Personal Development

& Communication

Personal Development

& Communication

This workshop is aimed at raising your awareness of things that will contribute to your personal development.  This includes:

  • creating the possibility of redesigning aspects of your life that you are not satisfied with.

  • opening conversational networks

  • enhancing personal, family and work life balance.


Some of the content that will be addressed:

  • How do I learn?

  • What is my observer pattern? (Theory of the Observer)

  • The Active Listener

  • Language and modalities of conversations (discover the power of conversations)

  • How to give and receive feedback

  • The promise and coordination of actions (how to keep my promises?)

  • Emotions (i.e. my emotional universe ....)


Methodology: experiencial exercises, guided discussions as well as group and personal reflections. All subjects will be discussed, with the aim of looking deeper and to incorporate the distinctions that help us to our growth and fulfillment.


Workshop includes:

  • Four meetings of three hours each (Tuesdays from 9-12 hours)

  • Workshop materials

  • Coffee break


Value of the workshop:

400 CHF

Reinventing Myself

Reinventing Myself

In life we often wonder what do we want to do next, what do we want to become.  In a world full of changes, we need to discover where to go to fullfil our dreams and become our best version.  We have many skills we have developed throughout our education and our professional lives.  Sometimes we need to update them, sometimes we need to get reskilled.  Children grow and become less dependent on us.

What do I want to become, today? 

Perhaps the answer we need to search is in a deeper dimension; an existential dimension. We have to ask ourselves honestly and openheartedly: What is our true desire? What do we really want? What is our purpose? What are our values?


Maybe Switzerland is a great opportunity to reinvent ourselves.


If you're ready to begin your process of reinvention, I invite you to this workshop, where we will explore the following topics.

• Who am I? What kind of observer am I? Addressing the observer and his world from the conception of Onthology of Language of Rafael Echeverria and Humberto Maturana among others.

• The wheel of my life. What I have and what I'm missing. Evaluation of my life balance.

• Recognize my values. How to fully live with my values.

• Who do I want to be? My life purpose and visualization of my future self to bring out the best in my present.

And especially the art reinvent yourself with other people in a shared learning process.

Methodology: experiential exercises, guided discussions and group and personal reflections. These issues will be addressed as well as others that will emerge sporadically as we go on. These have the aim of looking deeper and try to incorporate distinctions to help us with our growth and fullfillment. 


This includes:

• Four meetings of four hours each (Friday from 9-13 hours)

• Materials

• Coffee break

Value of the workshop:

400 CHF

Coaching Competencies

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 Personal Development and Communication Part II.

Coming soon!  Reinventing myself workshop






When the personality is fully lined serving the energy of the soul, that's real power.


Gary Zukav

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