• Marisa Bechara


Art by Gabriela Francescon

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes" M Proust

Many times we have it all, but there is a strong difficulty to value and appreciate who we are and what we have achieved along the way. We feel that we have no direction. But perhaps the course does not exist, there is only the road. And there may not be a road either, as Antonio Machado says…Wayfarer, there is no way, the way is made by going farther ...

The development of the Neurosciences shows us that our mind can lead us very far, if we learn how to use it, but scholars of meditation tell us that the mind can also lead us to the metaphysical world of ideas that Plato spoke of, a world of shadows, darkness, ruminant thoughts, concentric circles, the past that haunts us, with our inability to undo what has made us unhappy, unrealistic expectations about what we must be or should accomplish, guilt and blame ... as well as the future, and our fears of not being in control of what could happen ....

That same mind, in its absolute rule, prevents us not only from enjoying the way (in the present moment) but also from seeing a possible way as we project ourselves into the future.

By calling into question many of our old certainties, encouraging us to ask again with new eyes, drawing a flexible, nimble plan, in which we can have a greater awareness of our own temporariness, although it may sound contradictory ... we might be able to start enjoying our journey ...the one that begins to take shape, which emerges... and that changes as do our dissatisfactions.

What conspires against it? We are under the umbrella of the West ... .Where there are thousands of years of static, metaphysical thought, where the INMUTABLE, UNIQUE and TRUE BEING that we had to become and resemble, (See Socrates, Aristotle Plato and onwards) has imprinted on us a sense of perfection and unattainability, which translates into a huge source of dissatisfaction and unhappiness for us. We want, we crave to do everything right, to comply with the mandates which are mandates of perfection sustained for many generations. And at the same time, we imprint in our children this same sense of perfection that ensures dissatisfaction and an excessive aimless search... but with the presumption of having only a unique course...... we paradoxically set ourselves behind the direction of others, not our own.

The Eastern Cultures, especially Buddhists seem to have found the keystone ... .that which allows inhabiting the present time to go forward into the future from a positon of peace and acceptance, but also of ambition and ability ... .Meditation, breathing, mindfulness, are different names for the same purpose ... .to connect oneself deeply with our center...

Meditate, bless, thank and pray, be present ... .accept life at it comes, be aware of our gifts, our means ... perhaps the best sense of course or direction, is HAVING NEW EYES ....


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