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The COMPASS is an important symbol to me.  I  believe that we all need to discover our TRUE NORTH. It is not easy, it is not smooth, it is sometimes painful. But when you get there, when you own it, you will become the best YOU.


We are all NOMADS, no matter if we travel and leave everything as I did, or if we stay in one place. We are all NOMADS in search of better lands, inside us, outside ourselves or both. We evolve, we change, and we face constant challenges on our journey. CHANGE is there for you to make you pass the threshold. 

We become heroes even when we don’t realize it.

Let's take the best of this journey by accepting the beauty and the joy of the way. Let's enable ourselves to find our true selves, and to expose to others our authenticity. That means a travel to better lands.

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My purpose is:

  • You start walking towards your mission and vision as the person you want to show up to the world.

  • You have a strong awareness  and are fully empowered in your life, and that shows and expresses in what you do and how you lead.

  • You get the tools to change current behaviours that no longer serve you, and take the necessary steps to become the best version of yourself.

  • You project your best energy and keep increasing it with passion and joy.

  • You better connect to your team, family, stakeholders, and whoever you need to experience a more fulfilling life.


  • Connected and warm - I am a truly passionate about human connection and what we can generate from that space of emotional safety. 

  • Flexible and individually tailored to your needs as well as those of your team.

  • Challenging in the best way possible, inviting you to expand your power beyond your current beliefs, towards your true potential.

  • Highly intuitive and out of the box.

  • Creative and updated - I use many tools from all schools and my ontological deep approach.

  • Committed to supporting you to the best of my abilities, with an open heart and an open mind. 

In the past eleven years I have delivered more than one thousand hours of Leadership Coaching to teams and individuals in the private and corporate setting (Nestle, Nespresso, Purina, amongst others)  The experience and the wisdom earned from all these years of coaching means that I can support you in finding your best tailor-made coaching solution for you and your team.  

My authentic passion for people will guarantee you the best results in terms of becoming more motivated and purposeful in your goals as a person and leader, and stronger, connected, trustful  and synergic as a team.

My clients benefit from my experience of 25 years in both the public sector as well as large-scale organisations.

My credentials include a Master Degree in Political Science and Two prestigious coaching certifications  (Ontological Coaching Approach 2009 with the creator Rafael Echeverria in Chile and the EduQua Certificate IDC Coaching Geneva 2013) I have also  been accredited by the International Coaching Federation with the Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) as senior Coach.

Furthermore, my fifteen years of experience as an expat influence my overview and methodology.

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