What is Coaching?


Coaching is a term that has become over-used, and its definition has therefore become very diluted. It comes from sports, but in the last decades it has become a major instrument for people and organizations in the field of personal develpment.


Coaching is the art of enhancing another person's performance through questions that lead to self-discovery. It is like having someone to walk you through the desert.


Coaching is not consulting or mentoring and it is not just a euphemism for teaching. Coaches don't give you answers. They will ask you questions that in a way change the way you see things. They will challenge your old judgements to build a new story that can lead you to the place you want to be.


Coaching is about who you are, what you want, why you want it, where you want to go and be in life, your objectives, your values, your life purpose,  your communication and relationships with others, your leadership style, your life balance, your dreams….


Coaching has to do with performance, with enjoyment and learning. It is also about having a neutral space to vent and explore concerns or dreams for the future.


Becoming a hero


We are all heroes searching to accomplish our dreams, whatever they are.


We are in a journey to our “promised land”.


Coaching is walking with you through that journey, trying to make it easier, fun, loving, and meaningful. 


For that, we use tools, largely proved, to help you move (if you want) from a situation where “nothing can be done”, to a place where “everything is possible”.




This is for you if you want to become clearer about:

  • what you want,

  • where you want to go,

  • what it takes to get there.

You are the owner of that space, you know your answers, I provide the questions, the tools and guarantee the process. This is your own, special and personal space of learning.


This is for you if you want to enhance your manager, spouse, partner, parent by using coaching competencies.

"Coaching is like having someone to walk with you through the desert."

Newcomers in CH

Getting ready for a new adventure

When you arrive you feel very confused.  It takes a while to stand up and start to enjoy.  To shorten the time and set objectives for your life in your new destination, I propose to have some meetings in order to know where are you going, what do you want to get out of this experience.

When you get the news that you will be transferred to a new destination, you need to close your process, internalize your learnings, be clear about what you did great and what would you like to have happened (areas of improvement).  What do you expect to find in your new life in the new destination?  How do you want to feel there? 

How long does the coaching process last?


Coaching is a process, not magic, it means that we will have to work through a number of sessions - between 5 and 15, around one to two hours each time, to move forward to your objective. But the good news is that you won't be alone!

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